Uncertainty Presents Opportunity

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Ian Blackhall
Author Ian Blackhall
There is a lot of uncertainty as we start 2023. 
The threat of a recession looms, labour shortages are still hanging around, supply chains haven’t fully recovered, and demand is unstable in the face of consistent inflation.  Most of us thought the business landscape would be back to normal with the lifting of restrictions, but that is not the case. 

At Strategic Specialists Group, we aren’t advising businesses to wait for the normal to return.
Instead, you should be looking at the current uncertainty as an opportunity. 

One of our clients is a successful supplier to the construction industry who shares a common philosophy with us: “Uncertainty presents opportunity”. During the GFC in 2007, when most of their competitors were trying to stabilise a rocking ship, they were out looking for opportunities. They took advantage of their strengths, adapted their plans and during one of the biggest recessions in 20 years, revenue increased 117%. 

They did it again in 2020. With uncertainty at an all-time high, they knew that openings were going to present themselves. Working with them, we identified the opportunities and shifted their focus to product innovation, expanding inventory and repositioning their brand. Through 2021 revenue increased 127%, their strongest growth in 15 years. 

With uncertainty rising as we head into 2023, we’re gearing up to do it again with them.
We can do the same with you. 

We specialise in figuring out where the opportunities are and developing plans that take advantage of others hesitation.
We are offering a free consultation with one of our directors to discuss the opportunities for your business and your sector. 

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30-minutes of your time could be the difference between an average 2023 and a great 2023. 

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