Recent Case Studies

Our case studies are a detailed look into our engagements with clients across a range of industries. We explain the client's background prior to engagement, the opportunity we identified, the process we implemented and the outcomes we achieved. 
Case Study 26

Software Developer

Developed an exit strategy and created value within the business, resulting in a succesful sale.

Case Study 25


Provided the strategic imperatives to make their growth a reality, and advise on potential options for Exit.

Case Study 24
Education Management

Information Planet

Preparing a business for exit, and successful sale far above initial expectations

Case Studies

Case Study 01

Building Industry

High double-digit growth, year-1, sustainable growth strategy                 

Case Study 03
Manufacturing and Wholesaling


Won category exclusivity in Bunnings, which tripled business in 3-years

Case Study 04
Exporting and Distribution

Peloris Global

Substantially increased export sales into China during COVID-19                       

Case Study 05
Manufacturing and Distribution


Transformation strategy achieved 46% increase in turnover in 1-year.        

Case Study 06
Food and Beverage

The Caffco Group

Organisational redesign, ownership restructure, leadership defined                          

Case Study 07
Manufacturing and Wholesaling

Conquest Equipment

Financial strategy for sustainable growth through a new business model

Case Study 08
Manufacturing and Wholesaling

Building Products

Financial improvements implemented to prepare the business to scale

Case Study 09
Financial Services

Home Loan Experts

Financial strategy to deliver domestic and international growth simultaneously

Case Study 10
Service, Outsourcing/Offshoring

Origo BPO

Marketing strategy for lead generation to drive growth objectives

Case Study 11
Industrial Equipment Hire

SFI Australia

Financial Discovery Roadmap growth strategy and plan towards successful exit

Case Study 12
Built Environment & Construction

Fairview Architectural

Finance Discovery Roadmap: processes, reporting, risk, capabilities

Case Study 13
Built Environment & Construction

Fairview Architectural

Brand, marketing, communications, value, processes, leads, people              

Case Study 14
Built Environment & Construction

Fairview Architectural

Customers, CRM, conversion, systems, pipeline, structure, people.          

Case Study 15
Built Environment & Construction

Fairview Architectural

Strategic plan to double revenue in 3-years with sustainable growth                

Case Study 16

Leadership Sphere

Strategy delivered growth targets and doubled revenue in 12-months.         

Case Study 17
Consumer Goods, Beauty

Cosmetics Company

Doubled sales revenue in 1-year and implemented growth plan                   

Case Study 18
Manufacturing & Distribution


Increase in sales forecasting and conversion rates through data driven sales tactics

Case Study 19


Delivery of a Roadmap with five strategic imperatives to overcome barriers to growth.

Case Study 20
Information Technology

Loyal I.T. Solutions

37% increase in turnover in 2-years.                                                                                                            

Case Study 21

Hydration Supplier

Increased net profit by 350%, improved brand awareness and met growth targets   

Case Study 22


Leadership development, team alignment & cultural transformation achieved within 12 months.

Case Study 23
Distribution & Wholesaling


Increasing management capacity and ability to navigate the next phase of growth.

Case Study 24
Education Management

Information Planet

Exit Plan for a partial sale of the business, achieving a value well above the initial expectations.

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