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Finance may not be your passion, but a robust financial strategy is crucial to any business. Not just to protect you and all your hard work, but to support business growth, manage risk and enable you to move forward with confidence through succession planning or a successful business exit.

From identifying and addressing your current finance pain points and roadblocks, through streamlining day-to-day processes, to planning a comprehensive financial framework to support your legacy and ultimately to planning your business exit on your terms and your timeline. Our consultants work with you and as part of your team to help  safeguard your business, unlock potential and achieve your greatest reward as a SMB owner.

What could be holding you back financially?

No Clear Strategy

No Clearly Defined
Strategic Plan

No clear plan. Confused reporting. Nothing documented. Everyone needs to be on the same page.


Poorly Defined Performance Metrics

Focusing on the wrong levers. Unknown or not clearly defined KPIs. Random expenditure to achieve objectives. 

Long Term Funding

No Long-term Corporate Funding
Game Plan

No long-term corporate financing in place to enable the business to stay afloat through market downturns or long into the future.

Substandard Cash Flow

Substandard Cashflow

Cash flow is oxygen to business. No reporting or forecasting on incoming and outgoing cash.

Internal Systems

Lack of Internal Systems

Internal systems do not support key processes. Systems are complicated and staff do not seem to know the best way to complete finance tasks without making unfortunate errors.


Big Exposure to Risk

Unknown risk. Unwanted risk. Unidentified risk. An unstructured approach to risk identification is dangerous.


Untidy Operations

Old ways of doing things. Bad habits. Our ways of doing things create inefficiencies, frustrations and ineffective routines and outcomes.


Tax and Planning Issues

Underestimated tax bill. Inadequate tax provisioning. Forgotten or missed regulatory requirements. We are draining cashflow to manage forgotten obligations.


Unreliable Profitability

Abnormal profit fluctuations. Mysterious hits to profitability. Relentless reactive management searching for retroactive information.

Stock Control

Stock Control Issues

Damaged, lost, stolen, wasted stock impacting the bottom-line. Unreliable supply-chain. Stock controlling business instead of business controlling stock.

High Staff

High Staff Turnover

Poor performance management driving dissatisfaction and turnover. Uninspired and unmotivated staff impacting culture. Lack of training and development reduces retention.


Help! We are in Crisis!

Small problems escalate fast. Normal issues become insurmountable. Big issues explode into a fully-fledged crisis. We need to build resilience. 

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