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Navigating a successful exit from a business is one of the most important processes an owner will undertake. To make this happen, a tailored exit planning strategy is critical. One that meets the outgoing owner’s financial, business, and personal goals to ensure they get the outcomes they deserve.

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Exit Planning Specialists will guide you through our framework for a successful exit. We provide the advice, transparency, support, and accountability you need to generate and extract the maximum enterprise value of the business. Your business will be more appealing to buyers securing you a rewarding and lucrative post-exit future.

Can you identify with these pain points?

Buying In


Experts have provided appraisals and the business isn’t worth what you thought it would be. You think it should be more. 

Starting Uo

Where to start?

Looking at selling your business but don’t know where to start or who is going to provide independent advice on what you need to do.

Future Focus

It gets personal

The business can’t survive without your input and you don’t know what you’ll do with yourself when you no longer have the business to run

Losing Out

You know that a successful business exit is not guaranteed and research shows the majority of owners don’t get the exit they want

Real Advice

Preparing the business

You are unsure how to build more value into the business so that you achieve the best price from the market

Exit Planning Case Studies

Our case studies are a detailed look into our engagements with clients across a range of industries.

Case Study 24
Education Management
Information Planet


Preparing a business for exit, and successful sale far above initial expectations

Case Study 25


Provided the strategic imperatives to make their growth a reality, and advise on potential options for Exit.

Case Study 26
Software Developer


Developed an exit strategy and created value within the business, resulting in a succesful sale.

Featured Whitepaper:5 Steps to a Successful Exit

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Overcoming your challenges

Owners are leaving their businesses unfulfilled and frustrated, with 75% of private business owners ‘profoundly regretting’ their exiting decision. Overcoming common challenges is the first step towards a successful exit.

➜ Procrastination

The idea of exit planning can seem like a distant dream or something that doesn’t need to be addressed because ‘it will happen when it happens’, but this leaves a business underprepared and any exit set for failure. We help owners change their mindsets to understand how proper preparation will reap rewards in the short and long-term.

➜ Over attachment

Understandably, owners find it hard to let go of their “baby”. Mid-sized businesses in particular are a product of an owner’s hard work and the idea of selling, or seeing someone else at the helm, can seem daunting. With our real-world and business-owner experience, we provide you with the clarity and purposeful thinking required to transition through a successful exit.

➜ Finding balance

A successful exit requires a balancing of personal, financial and business goals. We understand the need to meet both your business and personal goals and design exits around this. Also, we’ll work with other personal advisors to ensure your exit meets all your objectives.

➜ Losing control

From the moment you announce your decision to sell you will be overwhelmed with well-meaning and “expert” advice which will be confusing, contradictory, and potential damaging to your end goal. A successful exit requires the input of many parties and we’re expert ‘team players’ working with others to achieve the transition you’re after, always leaving you in charge of your destiny.

➜ Leaving your way

There are many ways an owner can leave the business they grew or set up from scratch, both negative and positive. We set you up with the blueprint required to leave the business satisfactorily through strategic planning, working with trusted advisors, and setting you realistic and achievable goals to a deadline that suits you.

➜ Building to your exit

Some advisors are just focused on the sale event without addressing how to maximise the value of your exit and the chance of success? Our expertise in driving sustainable growth means we help build attractive organisations that can demonstrate they are transferable to a new owner with sustainable business processes.

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Exit Planning Specialists

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