Get Out

Navigating a successful exit from a business is one of the most important processes an owner will undertake. 

Our Exit Planning Framework equips you with a strategy to breakdown the complexity of your business.  This results in a robust and actionable plan that prepares you for a potential sale and provides a roadmap for creating value in your business.


Overcoming challenges to Exit Planning.

Owners are leaving their businesses unfulfilled and frustrated. Overcoming common challenges is the first step towards a successful exit.

➜ Procrastination

The idea of exit planning can seem like a distant dream that doesn’t need to be addressed. This can leave a business underprepared and any exit set for failure. We help you understand how proper preparation will reap rewards.

➜ Over attachment

Mid-sized businesses are a product of an owner’s hard work and the idea of selling, or seeing someone else at the helm, can seem daunting.  We provide you with the clarity  required to transition through a successful exit.

➜ Finding balance

A successful exit requires a balancing of personal, financial and business goals. We understand the need to meet both your business and personal goals and design exits around this. 

➜ Losing control

 A successful exit requires the input of many parties and we’re expert ‘team players’ working with others to achieve the transition you’re after.

➜ Leaving your way

 We set you up with the blueprint to leave the business through strategic planning, working with trusted advisors, and setting you realistic and achievable goals to a deadline that suits you.

➜ Building to your exit

Our expertise in driving sustainable growth means we help build organisations that can demonstrate they are transferable to a new owner with sustainable business processes.

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