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Business growth in the consumer goods sector

FMCG and Retail across Australia and New Zealand is a demanding sector, and it's evolving fast. An informed, affluent population coupled with high levels of trade concentration offer significant opportunities for disruptive, on-trend brands in this sector.

However, those same variables mean capitalising on growth potential is a high-cost, high-risk journey and many don't know where to begin or how to execute. This is where we excel. We work with disruptive brands seeking expert guidance to formulate a roadmap and execute a sustainable growth plan. 


Meeting your challenges head-on

Working with you and your team, we define barriers preventing business growth and develop a strategic plan that achieves ongoing success.

➜ Brand positioning

We assess macro consumer and shopper trends and competitor positioning to identify your ‘sweet spot.’ We then undertake organisational and consumer brand development.

➜ New product development

We help your business innovate by identifying relevant emerging trends, developing and testing concepts, and undertaking commercial validation, including cash flow planning, ROI and go-to-market strategies. 

➜ Marketing strategy & Comms

We identify your target audience, develop key messaging, generate a high-powered media strategy, conduct Social Media optimisation, and undertake media buying to drive ROI.

➜ Retailer engagement strategy

We facilitate initial engagement and new product listing, food and grocery code of conduct training, terms negotiations, price increase management, joint business plan development and management, private label contract negotiation, and field team management.

➜ Category development

Drawing from real-time data and emerging trends, we assist with category definition, role and strategy, path to purchase identification, customer-led category strategy planning and implementation, and point of purchase optimisation (physical and eCommerce).

➜ Supply chain optimisation

We take a collective look at the whole supply chain, including warehousing and distribution, procurement, rates and contracting, In-Out sourcing, cost out and corporate responsibility to ensure you matching or exceeding industry standards.

➜ Developing consumer insights

Sharpen your business’s competitive edge with macro, consumer, and shopper data. We analyse trends, develop insights, and transform our findings into commercial strategies.

➜ Trade marketing

We deliver best-in-class trade spend optimisation and Point of Purchase marketing activation that maximise ROI. We also help you build effective partnerships.

➜ Omnichannel marketing

We identify your customers' path to purchase, optimise your messaging, and create data-driven ROI models.

FMCG & Retail Sector Articles

Our in-depth research articles unpack the challenges, opportunities and market situations facing business in the FMCG and Retail sector.

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