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People Specialists

The success and growth of your business depends on the people in your business as well as the culture. We help you better understand how your leaders, employees, and culture are impacting your businesses’ success.

We evaluate your existing approach and work with you to tailor a strategy and tactics to drive business objectives.

Overcome the barriers standing between you and the development of a high-performing team and culture.


What are the potential challenges in building a team?

BleedLeader not accomplished

People Leaders are not 'Accomplished'

Leaders require development. Unsure of the capabilities’ leaders require to deliver on tomorrow’s business needs? Leaders struggle with uncertainty, constant change, increasing business complexity, and impacts of digitisation.

BleedNot attracting-retaining

Not Attracting and Retaining the Right People

Having trouble attracting, recruiting, and retaining talented people. Taking too long to fill vacant roles? Limited career opportunities so employees leave? No formal training and development of staff. 

BleedLow perform stagn culture

Low Performing and Stagnant Culture

Unsure of how to build a high-performing and agile  No guiding principles or a shared way of doing things  People and culture processes are not aligned and contributing to business growth?

BleedEmployee lack capability

Employees Lack Capability

Employees lack the capability or flexibility to take the business to the next level. Leaders are unsure of employee capabilities and how to address capability gaps.

BleedHiring wrong leaders

Hiring the Wrong Leaders

Not all leaders are taking responsibility to employ people with the right capabilities. Leaders not performance managing effectively. Your workforce are not engaged and motivated.

BleedPoor KPIs

Poorly Defined Employee KPIs

Business is lean and there is no room for underperformance. How can the business ensure everyone is contributing equally? Are high performers being rewarded and low performers being managed?

BleedNo plan for risks

No Formal Plan to Mitigate People Risks

No clear plan to mitigate key people risks.  Need help to manage potential flight risks? Do you know for sure who the people about to leave are or if they have influenced others in the business?

BleedUninspired workforce

Disengaged and Uninspired Workforce

Some employees are just ‘showing up’ to work to receive their pay cheque. Are your employees connected to your business and great brand ambassadors?

BleedGrowing pains

Rapid Growth Creating Growing Pains

Employees are busy, stressed, missing targets, and working reactively. Normal issues become insurmountable. Big issues explode into a fully-fledged crisis. Cultural change, ‘it’s not like it used to be’. Leaders feel unsupported. Staff are overwhelmed.

BleedNo pipeline for future lead

No Pipeline of Future Leaders

Not sure of the leaders you will require in the future to ensure a sustainable business. Do not know how to close the skills and capabilities gap to build and develop future leaders?


Coping with Uncertainty

 You understand the need for reinvention. But change is tiring. Do not know how to help employees deal with constant change and reinvention and not suffer fatigue? 

BleedThrive after covid

Thrive After COVID-19

Worried about the business impacts of COVID-19? What can I do to ensure employees are engaged, productive, and building resilience? What does the return to work look like for employees? What are the risks of new ways of working and the impact on culture? 

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