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Scaling Industrial Businesses

Mid-market businesses are poised to take advantage of the current cycle upturn to scale their growth rapidly. The challenge: scaling sustainably in a resource-hungry environment where costs can blow out.

Increased compliance requirements and demands for faster delivery at lower prices put industrial businesses in a position that's vulnerable to fast cyclical change, poor cash positioning, and under-capitalisation. Mid-market size businesses are particularly at risk.

You already know this industry. You have built an established business and are ready to innovate to reach the next phase of success. How can you scale sustainably toward a point of exit? The answer depends on your operations and market.

Meeting your challenges head-on

In collaboration with you and your team, we define the barriers preventing your business from scaling and roadmap a strategic plan that achieves sustainable growth, and ultimately, a successful exit.


➜ Define strategic direction

Mid-market businesses don’t typically run a corporate strategy. They don’t make clear performance objectives visible across the organisation, nor do they detail goals and tactics to achieve them. While you may not need a stock-standard ‘management consulting’ document, you do need a robust three-year strategy and actionable one-year plan.

➜ Increase sales margins

We assess the competitiveness of your sales margins, examine your customers, and analyse your profitability, sales performance and process, sales leadership, and big-picture sales and marketing efforts. Our objective: higher sales volumes at the right price.

➜ Greater visibility to prospects

We craft targeted audience messaging and deliver via high-ROI channels to feed your sales funnel and bolster your business’s visibility to prospects. By optimising sales and marketing, you benefit from month-to-month campaign performance.

➜ Reducing Bottlenecks

We execute commercial due diligence across your entire organisation, enabling optimal productivity, cost control, product mix, lead times to market, and accurate pricing analysis.

➜ Innovative logistics & diagnostics

In addition to commercial due diligence, we undergo a precision site diagnostics process and innovate to boost capacity utilisation and personnel productivity. We also assess your technology’s efficiency and can commission new production facilities if needed.

➜ Catalyst for workplace culture

We highlight poor workplace culture and leadership and begin to enact change across the entire organisation. We foster a continuous improvement mindset in highly pressurised environments.

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