What to expect from a strategic-minded part-time CFO

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Matt Knight
Author Matt Knight
Are you thinking of hiring a part-time CFO for your small or medium-sized business? Unsure exactly what to expect? Take a look at some of the key benefits you can unlock when you take on a short term CFO.

A comprehensive, goal-oriented focus

Bringing a strategic-minded part-time CFO into your organisation exposes you to an external perspective. Capitalizing upon the CFO’s financial and operational expertise, they will have a unique focus that will help to drive you towards your goals.

A good CFO will bring together a trifecta of different viewpoints, which combine to form a formidable, target-smashing strategy. An ambitious, growth focused CFO will direct the business towards a position of strength and take advantage of any appropriate opportunities. They will be growth-oriented, but they will temper this with a knowledge of real-world practicality. Combining these elements will bring enormous advantages to your company.

A data-driven outlook
It's not enough to wish and hope anymore. It's not even enough to be "pretty sure" that one thing or another is a good idea. Instead, every key strategic decision needs to be supported by strong, data driven evidence.

The CFO’s strategic outlook will be backed by reliable forecasting and data driven solutions.  This, in turn, gives your business the confidence you need to take the next steps.

The experience and knowledge required to really drive change

It’s necessary your part-time CFO is experienced and knowledgeable. They will have the background needed to assess the challenges facing your company and to apply an effective solution. 

When you hire a CFO, you are not just tapping into the skills of the individual -- you are connecting with a rich seam of knowledge that will help you to steer your organisation in the right direction.

Flexibility in process and direction

You need a strategic-minded CFO, but perhaps you do not have the resources or the budget required to hire one full-time. This is precisely what the part-time CFO is for -- you will be able to access all of the benefits associated with a CFO, without the long term cost. You simply pay for what you need, when you need it.

A comprehensive understanding of your business

Sure, the CFO will bring flexibility and agility to your business, but this does not mean that their commitment levels are low. The CFO will work to achieve a complete and comprehensive understanding of your business and ambitiously grow your business. This means you are hiring a consummate professional at a fraction of the cost to your organisation.

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