Hubspot Gold Partner Announcment

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Author Ryan Bothma
Strategic Specialists Group is now a Hubspot Gold Partner

In today’s digital world, the right partnerships play a pivotal role in success. For that reason, SSG proudly announces our Gold Partnership with leading-edge digital technology company, Hubspot.

As a Gold Partner, Strategic Specialists Group work with Hubspot to provide an all-in-one technology solution for our clients. HubSpot is essential to every business thanks to its wide selection of tools, including customer relationship management, marketing automation, sales management, social media and email tools. With 48 000 customers worldwide, Hubspot is fast becoming vital for any growing business. 

Navigating and setting up these tools are never as easy as they say, and that’s where a Hubspot Gold Partner like SSG can step in and tailor the tools to your business. Being a Gold Partner means that SSG can be your in-house Hubspot specialist to handle all the onboarding, manage your service and ensure you're getting the best value for your money. We can even handle the negotiations with Hubspot and get you the best price!

Becoming a Gold Partner

SSG is only one of a few Hubspot Gold Partners in Australia. To become Gold certified, SSG went through extensive technical training and has met HubSpot’s high metric standards based on actual inbound marketing success, managed and acquired monthly recurring revenue, retention and software engagement. Not to mention that we’ve had to show continual client growth and that we can proficiently managing an extensive Hubspot client base over time.

We’ve proven to our clients and to Hubspot that we can take this technology and use it to transform a business, and Hubspot has rewarded us with a Gold Partner status.

We welcome the opportunity to prove to you how SSG can transform your Sales and Marketing using this leading-edge technology. Get in touch today!

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