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Matthew has over 15 years’ experience in media, and professional services industry sectors. Throughout his career Matthew has cherished the ability to lead from the front through motivating and engaging techniques to reconnect businesses back to the core purpose and strategic direction of the business. Managing budgets of +$50-million, team size of over 2,500 contractors, leading start-ups to be global entities, Matthew is driven to get the best out of people. He inspires a sense of direction through strategic engagement and empowerment.

Since 2015, Matthew has led some of Australia’s top CFOs and Executives to help companies realise their potential and reach new heights of growth. Matthew has also been a Non-Executive Director for CFO Advisory, Civil Infrastructure and Property Marketing and has previously been a country representative in Australia, Canada, and the UK.


Matthew's experience with SMBs

Matthew has led two SMBs in Victoria, Australia, offering access to tier one specialist expertise, including part-time CFOs and Finance Directors into SMBs. As Director of Strategic Specialists Group’s CFO Specialists division, Matthew engages directly with business owners in Victoria and listens to the frustrations expressed about how to propel the business towards growth.

Since 2015, Matthew has increasingly discussed three main issues faced by small-to-medium businesses, leadership, financial performance and cashflow, and the stress upon small and medium business owners to be a jack of all trades across all aspects of a business. No matter whether the discipline is Finance, Marketing, Sales, Technology, or People and Culture, the three issues are interrelated.


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The Top 12 Finance Pain Points SMBs Face (2020)

Key Skills

  • Consulting
  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Coaching and Development
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Organisational Development

Industry Experience

  • Management Consulting
  • Media
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Civil Infrastructure

Case Studies


Building Industry Supplier

High double-digit growth, year-1, sustainable
growth strategy.

Exporting & Distribution

Peloris Global Sourcing

Substantially increased export sales into China during COVID-19    

Consumer Goods

Cosmetics Company

Doubled sales revenue in 1-year and implemented growth plan   

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