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The Nexodus programme- succession planning services

We have a history of scaling and strengthening our clients’ businesses, to achieve a successful exit. We bring the multi-disciplined function needed to build sustainable growth into a business, that makes the business attractive for sale.

The challenge for most SMBs, is the transition from a family owned business to an enterprise organisation and then successful sale. We have a long track record, with numerous case studies across multiple industry sectors, of how we have built substantial value into businesses, which has enabled owners to achieve a successful exit. As part of our succession planning service, our specialists work with you in the business on the business to grow the business to achieve a success sale.


What we do

Our proprietary tools, including the Nexodus programme, prepare a business to achieve maximum sale value. There are limited options when selling a business, and preparation can take up to a year. Our tools have been developed by our team of highly accomplished and experienced CFOs with years of experience in banking, corporate finance, private equity and mergers and acquisitions. The entire Nexodus programme is overseen by a Director of Strategic Specialists Group. Our specialist will work with the business owners, the board and other key stakeholders on the sale preparation process to deliver the most successful outcome, through the most suitable channel, which could be a trade sale, competitive sale, listing or private equity or management buyout.


We manage uncertainty

No two businesses are the same. Successful succession plans and exit strategies differ across industries, markets, and the type of business. We offer detailed succession plans while providing practical support specifically to manage uncertainty, volatility, and under-performance. Our tailored programme responds to your needs and enhances business attractiveness for successful exit. Selling a business can be a highly volatile and uncertain time, which can disrupt everyday business and personal life. It is useful to have a team who have managed sales of businesses and can navigate you through the sale process. Having an external party to negotiate with potential buyers can be a huge advantage as emotion is removed from the sale process.


We support you to exit

We are a different kind of strategic consultancy. Our specialists, experts in their fields, bring fresh perspectives and insights drawn from decades of experience gained in hundreds of businesses. We review the best way to work with our clients, in ways that allow us to become vested in the business, as if we are co-owners. We look at funding options, where suitable, and can work on a hybrid of fee options. Mostly, we bring the relevant expertise, through intellectual property, process, and accomplished specialists to make a successful sale of your business a reality.

Building your business towards a successful exit, is a sustained effort by many people. It can take time and specialist knowledge to ensure that you, who has built the business over years, achieves the worth you deserve.

Is your business growth sustainable?

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How we do it

Our specialists, across all functional disciplines, utilise a proprietary framework to guide the THINKING required to determine SOLUTIONS appropriate for your business, an actionable plan defined by a compelling STORY and specialist expertise to successfully deliver the plan. We work with you to Think it. Solve it. Do it. We call this the Nexodus programme. By working both on the business and in the business, we are vested in the successful succession plan, sale or exit.


Think It

The Opportunity

Solve It

The Process

Do It

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