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i Sights: Episode 7

Ending the year: Complacency or Opportunity 


2020 has left a lot of people fatigued, and that results in complacency. Complacency means opportunity for you and your business, but also opportunity for your competitors.

For example, one of our clients was approached by a major retailer and requested they enter a competitive pitch for a particular category. Our client completely re-thought the category from the ground up, which enabled them to gain an opportunity over their competitors who were complacent and submitted the standard pitch.

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Michael Butler


Why you should be re-thinking your Marketing Strategies


Over the last month, we've noticed a lot more companies open to considering any opportunity they can to get a competitive advantage and kick-start their business. For many medium-sized businesses, that means opportunity.

To take advantage of this, we've been working with our clients to re-think their marketing strategies to target new sectors and new clients that they previously thought was out of reach. The results have been very surprising.  

i Sights: Ep 5

Michael Butler


Mergers & acquisitions are viable growth strategies for 2021


We're coming in to the back half of the economic cycle, which usually means an increased level of merger and acquisition activity for the big companies, and everyone seems to make a lot of money. But mergers and acquisitions can be an extremely useful growth strategy for medium-sized business, and there's lots of ways to do it. 

i Sights: Ep 4

Michael Butler


Key learnings from the recent stock market fluctuations


On November 9th, the Dow Jones went up 4% with news of a possible Covid-19 vaccine. But it didn't go up across the board. Some stocks, even good stocks, actually fell. The NASDAQ as a whole went backwards. I was up most of the night watching this unfold and it got me thinking that this poses a unique opportunity for business growth in the upcoming market cycle. 

i Sights: Ep 3

Vincent Pesquet


Selling in a Virtual Environment


Selling in a virtual environment is a trend that we have been tracking the last few months, and on a sales front, it has become essential in our business as well as with our clients. It's more then just picking up the phone or selling over Zoom. There are three things we have found that are key to high performance selling in a virtual environment. 

i Sights: Ep 2

Michael Butler


Debt Financing


One of our clients is in this exact situation, and the last thing they need is rapid growth. What they do need is help to build sustainable growth, which starts with structured financing. Debt financing is an option we recommend to our clients


i Sights: Ep 1

Michael Butler


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