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Specialist support to scale and grow your business

We are here to help unlock the growth you dreamed of when you started your business.  We work alongside you to build resilience, achieve sustainable growth, to manage risk and enable you to move forward with confidence through succession planning or towards a successful business exit.

The challenge for most SMBs, is the transition from a family owned business to an enterprise organisation and all that entails. Our business strategy development has a long track record, with numerous case studies across multiple industry sectors, of how we have achieved this for our clients, and along the way, building substantial value into the business.

Can you identify with some of the major pain points to achieving sustainable business growth?

If you can identify with one or more of the critical pain points for a small-to-medium business, you can overcome the barriers standing between you and your business achieving sustainability, growth, and ultimately exit.

Unknown Business Potential

The business potential is not clear. We have not had time to consider what we do, how we do it, who are our most valuable customers and if we have the right people and organisation structure. We have been too busy in the business to focus on the business.


No Clear Business Strategy Development

No clear plan. We do what we have always done. No strategic goals to achieve resilience in the business, no business strategy development for solid growth or how we implement plans as a high-performing business.  No longer-term planning for a successful exit.


Selecting Priorities

There are many initiatives in the business. How should we evaluate growth potential? Sometimes whoever has the loudest voice steers a change in direction. How do we decide the initiatives to prioritise? How do we assess the decisions we make?

Strategy Puzzle

How do we Implement Strategy Effectively?

There is no point in having a sound strategy if no one knows how to implement the plan. Our team are highly motivated to grow the business but would benefit from specialist expertise to guide and mentor the implementation of strategy, efficiently, effectively, and successfully.


Expertise is Expensive

I thought accomplished consultants would not be a consideration for my business. How can it work if I need specialist support immediately in finance and later in marketing or sales or technology? How can it become affordable?

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Business is Stagnant, How Do We Grow?

The business landscape has changed, and your business needs to adapt. You are an expert in your business but are just not sure how to grow the business. Together, we will work with you and your team on the business to grow the business.

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Introducing the Discovery Roadmap solution

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Where do I start?

The Discovery Roadmap is a business strategy development process designed to achieve your growth objectives. We examine your business with the outcome of producing a significant Roadmap focusing on one to two functional disciplines from finance, marketing, sales, technology, or people & culture.

We work with you and your team to define barriers preventing your business growth and to develop the strategic plan to achieve sustainable growth, and ultimately, successful exit.

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Where do I focus?

Building resilience and sustainability in your business can be achieved through a range of pathways tailored to your business situation.

The starting point can be through any of the key functional disciplines from finance, marketing, sales, technology, or people & culture based upon the most pressing issues for your business. Opportunity for improvement may be defined through one discipline or through a combination of functional disciplines.

What will happen?

Functional disciplines are the focus of the Discovery Roadmap process. Not all businesses have the people or capabilities to successfully implement growth strategies. Our building blocks provide the foundation to successful implementation of the Roadmap with a focus on the functions determined by the strategic planning process to achieve your objectives. Mastery of all building blocks across the key disciplines prepares you and your business for succession or successful exit.



Over a 4-week period one to two specialists will examine your business and the barriers preventing building resilience in your business or achievement of sustainable growth.



Utilising our proprietary Discovery Roadmap strategic planning process we build and deliver a Roadmap for your business to achieve your stated business growth objectives.



Our specialists work with you and your team to deliver the Roadmap to achieve scale, resilience and sustainable growth for succession or business attractiveness for successful exit.

Case Study: Unlocking value in a business and a plan to double-revenue to over $100 million in 3-years

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We simplify complexity

Our proprietary Discovery Roadmap equips you with a framework to break down the complexity of businesses problems. Strategy is an easily overused word, which many SMBs avoid. The Discovery Roadmap focuses on three to five strategic imperatives that can then be executed. The framework guides the THINKING required and highlights imperatives to determine SOLUTIONS appropriate for your business and an actionable plan defined by a compelling STORY.

We are not traditional consultants. We do not dictate strategy and leave you to figure out what to do next. Through the Discovery Roadmap process we work with you and your team to Think it, Solve it and Do it to create your sustainable business growth and future.

Our specialists work with you to close the strategic planning gap and implement plans within weeks. We deliver robust, actionable plans to deliver clearly identifiable results in the short-term and the Roadmap for longer-term resilience, sustainable growth and towards succession and successful exit.

Where traditional strategic planning can
go wrong

Business strategy development can be complex if the focus is not on the problem creating the barrier to growth. A focus on the wrong issue can deliver a perfectly sound solution for the issue – but not a solution for the actual problem in your business.

Our specialists use a strategic planning process with you and your team to ensure we are thinking about the right issues, solving the most critical problems and implementing the appropriate tactics to align all parts of the business with strategy to achieve the business strategy, whether for resilience, sustainable growth, succession planning or successful exit.


The SCQuARE™ Solution

SCQuARE™ is a strategic planning process our specialists use to simplify complexity within your business, to solve business issues and provide a framework to deliver actionable plans for you, your team and business success.  

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Discovery Roadmap Case Studies

Our Discovery Roadmap case studies are a detailed look into our engagements with clients across a range of industries. We explain the client's background prior to engagement, the opportunity we identified, the process we implemented and the outcomes we achieved. 

Case Study 04
Exporting and Distribution


Substantially increased export sales into China during COVID-19.

Case Study 06
Food and Beverage
The Caffco Group


Organisational redesign, ownership restructure, leadership defined.

Case Study 17
Consumer Goods
Cosmetics Company


Doubled sales revenue in 1-year and implemented growth plan.

Unlocking the potential of Fleetwood Urban

Fleetwood Urban is an award-winning, Australia-wide open space engineering consultancy firm with in-house manufacturing and construction capacity who design and build stunning outdoor structures while always taking into consideration community needs and environmental sustainability factors.

Discover how the Discovery Roadmap process transformed Fleetwood Urban.

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