CALUMO is a leading provider of business intelligence and corporate performance management solutions for enterprise-wide budgeting, analytics, and reporting. Headquartered in Sydney, CALUMO serves more than 100 customers across a range of industries, from non-for-profits and SME’s to large, listed companies and government departments.



CALUMO has been operating since 2004 and had experienced periods of solid growth but was recently struggling to meet their targets and had encountered multiple roadblocks to growth. They had weathered Covid well and believed now was the time to position themselves for high-capacity growth, looking to double the business in a short time frame and consider options for exit.

Furthermore, Marketing and Sales were operating in silos and there was a lack of alignment between business functions. There was no clear direction to drive the business forward towards its growth targets. CALUMO was unsure which actions and imperatives would drive them towards their underlying revenue targets or which categories would deliver growth.

The Opportunity

The opportunity

After multiple discussions with CALUMO’s leadership team about their goals and needs, they decided that Strategic Specialists would be best suited to help them achieve their desired growth because of our ability to formulate a strategy and implement it until results are achieved.

Strategic Specialists was engaged to lead a Discovery Roadmap process that would provide CALUMO with the strategic imperatives they needed to make their high-capacity growth a reality. We were also engaged to present and advise on potential options for Exit, as well as resolve cultural issues at a senior level.

The Process

The process

A Strategy Specialist was engaged to lead the Discovery Roadmap, a strategic planning process to deliver a strategy and plan for implementation. The Roadmap process took a deep dive into the business, looking at all functions and figuring out what would be required to achieve their high-capacity growth. This involved considering whether it was realistic, what resources would be required and what funding options existed. Alongside this, a great deal of time was spent determining what was needed within Marketing and Sales to meet their targets.

The Discovery Roadmap process delivered CALUMO with the core strategic imperatives they needed to implement over the next three-years to achieve their growth. Furthermore, we delivered a plan that outlined the resources, costs and timing required to implement these imperatives. Once this strategy and plan was approved by the leadership team, it was then communicated to the rest of the organisation so that they were unified around the vision.

Implementation of the Roadmap strategy and plan began with the placement of a part-time Marketing and Sales Specialist to algin the functions and execute the strategy. Alongside them, a People and Culture Specialist was engaged to resolve cultural issues in the senior team.

While in the middle of implementation, CALUMO received an attractive acquisition offer from a Global SaaS company, with the acquisition later being approved. With this significant change in circumstance, the three-year plan was void and it was mutually agreed to cease all implementation.

The Outcome

The outcome

Despite the eventual acquisition of the business, we were able to achieve the following results in a short time frame:

  • Set a clear business direction that would enable them to achieve their growth targets
  • Determined the key strategic imperatives they needed to implement across Marketing and Sales
  • Aligned the Marketing and Sales functions around one vision
  • Resolved internal tensions amongst the executive team and improve team culture

The Roadmap process and initial implementation made immediate improvements to the business, and contributed to the sale of the business. Had it not been sold, we believe CALUMO would have achieved their high-capacity growth targets within three years.


22_SSG_Case Study_Conquest_PeopleCulture

Conquest: Leadership development, team alignment and culture transformation achieved within 12 months.

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