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Our client provides hydration systems for commercial, industrial, and healthcare industry sectors.


Our client is a small business, based on the east coast of Australia, selling hydration systems through resellers primarily to the healthcare industry sector. From time to time they took on larger projects in the commercial or industrial sectors. The business approach was predominantly reactive, where they relied on a limited network to stimulate business. A diverse range of products and customer types created a level of complexity for the business, which resulted in a lack of focus for a business of this size. Marketing was basic, their sales process was reactive and revenue growth had stalled. Whilst operating on a small scale, the business was also margin constrained.

The Opportunity

The opportunity

Our client required support to define the strategy to scale their business to achieve profitability. The opportunity was to identify the sweet spot in the market, where the business could focus their efforts, which would require rigorous analysis of ‘where to play’ and the investment required to ‘win’.

Our Solution

The solution

Deployment of a Sales and Marketing Specialist to lead the strategic planning process and to work in the business to implement the Roadmap.

The Process

The process

A Strategy Specialist was engaged to lead a Discovery Roadmap, the strategic planning process to deliver a strategy and plan for implementation. The Roadmap defined the commercial strategy for priority revenue sectors and the investment required, with the aim to double business revenue in three years. Implementation of the Roadmap was supported by deployment of a Marketing Specialist to reposition the brand and a Digital Specialist to review and update the website.

The Outcome

The outcome

  • Increased net profit by 350%
  • Increased revenue by 210% from FY17 to FY20, which achieved the target to double revenue in three years
  • Increased brand awareness and brand consideration:
    • The business has forged a reputation as the leader in hydration systems within the Healthcare sector
    • They are now consulted on most Hospital system upgrades and have a project win ratio of >75%.


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Hydration Supplier: Increased net profit by 350%, improved brand awareness and met growth targets

“We were a business with loads of experience and bold ambition, but we did not have
an aligned plan to help us move forward. Being a small family owned business we
did not know where to start. With the help of Ian and Strategic Specialists Group. We
created a shared vision, developed a plan that helped us focus and set about executing
that plan. The results have exceeded expectations and Strategic Specialists Group has
been there the whole way, helping us to stay focussed whilst managing the growing
pains of scaling so quickly. The transformation has been significant. Thank you,
Strategic Specialists Group!”

Managing Director

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