Coerco is a manufacturer of polymer tanks and associated products for the agricultural and mining industry sectors and engineering.



Coerco is a second generation, successful family business that services the agricultural and mining sectors. The business lacked a clear strategy after several years of soft growth. They needed clarity on the imperatives to deliver improved growth over the next 3-4 years, while considering a potential exit.

The Opportunity

The opportunity

Our client was looking to transform from a family run business into an enterprise organisation with a clearly defined strategy to achieve successful exit. The business required a review of strategy, operations and leadership as well as design and delivery of a sales and marketing plan to achieve business growth objectives.

The Process

The process

Strategic Specialists Group led a Discovery Roadmap strategic planning process. Due to the business’ location in Western Australia, three hours north of Perth, three specialists led an intensive strategic business review and planning process over five days. Full-team workshops were held each morning with strategy development sessions each afternoon and into the night. The process focused on the overarching business strategy and structure, and two functional disciplines of marketing and sales.

Key issues defined for immediate attention included:

  • Lack of clarity about the business strategy and future growth plan
  • A confusing leadership structure with undefined accountabilities
  • Lack of clarity around roles, responsibilities and performance
  • Poorly defined customer brand value and marketing plan not driving business goals.
The Outcome

The outcome

Key results for the business included delivery of a Roadmap with five strategic imperatives to overcome barriers to growth. In addition, guidelines were designed for delivery of each imperative:

  • Delivery timelines and accountabilities were defined
  • Delivery outcomes were established for contribution to revenue or costs
  • Resourcing requirements were defined for set-up and ongoing implementation
  • A strategic review process would ensure continued alignment of tactics with strategy

The Roadmap provided a framework to address the five strategic imperatives for business growth by:

  • Restructuring the senior leadership team and the existing business divisions
  • Restructuring the sales team into business development, internal sales and external sales, and providing role clarity for all roles across the business
  • Defining a 3-year strategy with financial objectives by quarter, by discipline, and against KPIS
  • Defining the brand value proposition for customers
  • Defining a 3-year marketing and sales plan to achieve financial and growth objectives



Coerco: Delivery of a Roadmap with five strategic imperatives to overcome barriers to growth.

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