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The Leadership Sphere is a leadership development consultancy firm working with ASX 100 companies and smaller businesses with turnover of $5-10m. They specialise in creating breakthrough performance. This is achieved through rigorous leadership and culture consultation, team and workshop facilitation and executive coaching. The key outcomes they deliver include cultural change and alignment to drive business objectives, leadership development and team development.



The Leadership Sphere were having great success with their service offering but were unsure how to scale the business. They did not have long-term strategies in place, and the Managing Director realised that they needed to work strategically to grow the business to $2million and beyond.

As is common in the small business sector, the Managing Director found themself working in the business, rather than on the business.

The Opportunity

The opportunity

The Leadership Sphere needed specialist support to scale their business.

Our Solution

The solution

Initial discussions revealed a problem in marketing the business. Investigation was undertaken through a mini Discovery Roadmap. The mini Roadmap is typically a smaller scale version of the deeper strategic planning process and applicable for businesses with a critical focus on one area or functional discipline of the business and a timeline to achieve short-term results.

A core problem for many small businesses is separating issues that will make a difference and how to move them forward. In this instance, the business owner had a clear understanding of the problem but did not have functional expertise to analyse issues and the root cause to devise insights and strategies to overcome.

The Process

The process

The mini Discovery Roadmap focused on the marketing function of the business. A one-day workshop was held to review their customer segments, marketing messaging, marketing channels the business value proposition, and how best to position the business for sustainability and growth.

A Roadmap was delivered to the business with a detailed implementation plan to be executed over the following 12-months. The delivery plan included tactics for marketing operations, procedures, processes, brand, communications, digital, content and CRM.

As with many small businesses, The Leadership Sphere did not have the internal resources and capabilities to implement the plan. This led to a second phase of engagement of a marketing specialist engaged on a parttime basis over each week for 12-months to deliver the plan, achieve objectives and meet business growth targets.

The Outcome

The outcome

Initial results included achievement of the following:

  • Business value: A clearly defined value proposition
  • Structure: Redesigned the business structure.
  • Products: Strategic plan for short and mid-term (3-5 years) product and service offerings.
  • Marketing plan, channels, and resources: a.   design of a marketing plan aligned with business objectives.
    b.   design and implementation of a business social media strategy on LinkedIn.
    c.   customer experience audit of the website.
    d.   appointment of a search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) provider.

Within 12-months of the initial engagement and after 12-months of marketing service, The Leadership Sphere has met business growth targets and doubled their revenue by February 2020.



The Leadership Sphere: Strategy delivered growth targets and doubled revenue in 12-months.

“The specialist we engaged with has been outstanding in terms of his investment in the business and his ‘skin in the game’! He has been energetic and humorous, but this has been combined with absolute brevity in terms of guidance and support and not being afraid to give good hard feedback.

It has felt like an enjoyable, fun relationship with a serious business process and outcome. He has become so ensconced with our business that he doesn’t seem like an outside service provider who catches up with you occasionally, he is in touch with me nearly every day with advice or support and it feels like he is 100 percent in our business, which is pretty amazing!”

Phillip Ralph - Managing Director | The Leadership Spehere

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