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The large, family-run business experienced strong growth over the past 3-years and required engagement of a CFO to review and analyse accounting processes, reporting, internal capabilities, and risk management.

Following delivery and implementation of a financial Discovery Roadmap a strategic Discovery Roadmap was delivered by a Chief Strategy Officer to define the business strategy. An implementation plan outlined steps to double business revenue within four years.

Our Solution

The solution

Deployment of a Chief Sales Officer to lead implementation of the Roadmap's sales plan.

The Process

The process

The CSO commenced a 3-month term in July 2019 to implement the Roadmap’s sales plan. An expanded remit continued for 6-months. Specific deliverables included:

  • Sales process and process improvements:
    • Reviewed current sales process and expanded focus to include lead generation and post-sales process steps
    • Identified key success actions for each stage, roles, responsibilities and KPI measures
    • Embedded new sales structure, processes, reset KPI targets and introduced process performance tracking and internal communication meeting rhythms (e.g. daily team-based huddles, weekly meetings, and monthly cross-functional meetings.
  • 2. Structure:
    • Realigned management structure from managing siloed groups to managing collaborating customer focussed teams to improve accountability and alignment with strategy
    • Restructured state-based teams to align with market potential and reallocated resources to focus on growth areas through market channel opportunities
    • Developed a resourcing strategy for a national sales team capable of delivering revenue for a larger scale organisation.
  • CRM and Systems:
    • Identified system improvements to automate lead generation data gathering, reporting, and task allocations aligned with new process and to improve opportunity knowledge to mitigate ERP integration issues
    • Implemented CRM sales forecasting system and processes, dashboards, pipeline projections
    • Developed an excel Sales Flow model to track relatonship between previously confirmed orders, new monthly incoming sales, and outgoing invoiced orders in a monthly cash flow style view
    • Managed key CRM project for integration of Salesforce with NetSuite including, finalising scope, appointment of Salesforce partner, project governance and change management of new system.
  • 4. Resources:
    • Defined competencies for each role and managed performance of managers and key staff
    • Led each person through a process of identifying strengths, areas of development and improvement plans.
  • Leadership:
    • Provided direction for management of business-as-usual and elevation to best practice for issues resolution, opportunity reviews, sales strategy, teamwork, and collaboration
    • Introduced sales territory planning, reviews, and pipeline management
    • Provided leadership to identify mid to long term pipeline gaps and action-plan development.
The Outcome

The outcome

  • Structure: Transformed management structure and state-based sales teams to match market potential, YTD sales results increased 12%, and capacity by 30% without increasing headcount
  • Strategy: Increased resource and focus on key growth market and increased contribution from one sales channel from 20% to 40% of monthly sales
  • Customer management: Introduced VIP program, key account and opportunity planning, and quarterly customer reviews including monitoring and reporting
  • Systems: Successful implementation of new systems for leads management, conversion, pricing, quotations, and integration with ERP
  • Sales Leadership: Improved confidence, implemented sales best practices, improved teamwork, and collaboration.

Overarching results from engagement of Strategic Specialists Group include achievement of double digit revenue growth in year one and objectives for margin and NPS. Development and delivery of a Roadmap has aligned finance, sales, marketing, people, culture, resources, operations, systems, processes and procedures with strategy. The business is in the strongest organisational and competitive position and robust financial health in 30-years.



Fairview (Sales): Customers, CRM, conversion, systems, pipeline, structure, people.

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