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The large, family-run business experienced strong growth over the past 3-years and required engagement of a CFO to review and analyse accounting processes, reporting, internal capabilities, and risk management.

Following delivery and implementation of a financial Discovery Roadmap a strategic Discovery Roadmap was delivered by a Chief Strategy Officer to define the business strategy. An implementation plan outlined steps to double business revenue within four years.

Our Solution

The solution

Deployment of a Chief Marketing Officer to lead implementation of the Roadmap’s marketing plan.

The Process

The process

The CMO commenced a 3-month term in July 2019 to implement the Roadmap’s marketing plan. An expanded remit continued for 8-months and shifts to mentoring in 2020. Deliverables included:

  • Issues management: strategy and plan to manage brand, reputation and product perception.
  • Capability analysis of people, systems, processes: a. resource recommendation; b. design and implement processes to increase marketing operations efficiency and effectiveness; c. third-party service provider management; d. staff development recommendation (e.g. Tech stack).
  • Resource planning: a. proposal, position descriptions, recruitment, interviews, job-offers; b. increase talent; c. on-board; d. integrate; e. effective teams; f. mentor head-of-department.
  • Capability analysis of marketing service providers and deliverables: a. alignment of third-party service provider deliverables with strategy; b. review and appointment of service providers for all agency, digital, design and marketing communications; c. increase efficiencies and effectiveness across paid, owned and earned channels; d. development of creative solutions.
  • Review and align marketing priorities and activities with the commercial calendar.
  • Budget: a. detailed budget; b. expenditure tracking; c. cost-management; d. decision-making
  • Internal communication with Management, Sales, Finance and Operations: a. business-as-usual; b. forward-planning; c. strategic projects; d. governance; e. operations alignment.
  • Value proposition: ideas, workshop, commercials and research plan.
  • Website: a. customer experience (UX) audit, design brief, optimisation: b. leads generation; c. leads management; d. customer relationship journey (e.g. leads, MQLs, SALs to SQLs).
  • Industry education: a. program design and delivery strategy.
  • Marketing communication campaigns aligned with the commercial calendar: a. leads generation; b. leads management; c. integration with the marketing automation platform and alignment of pathways and customer journeys through the marketing and sales funnels of Pardot and Salesforce; d. marketing messaging pathways for MQLs to SALs for conversion effectiveness to SQLs; e. auditing, performance, conversion, reporting dashboards
  • Product development: innovation and development aligned with the commercial calendar
The Outcome

The outcome

  • People: Department structure, recruitment, appointments, transition-in, incl., Head of Marketing
  • Suppliers: Structure, scope-of-work, fees, appointments, transition-in, incl., new agency
  • Value proposition: Definition of the brand value and socialisation across the company
  • Campaigns: Calendar, plan, delivery and roll-out of one campaign per month from January 2020
  • Website: Delivery and launch of a new website optimised for SEM, SEO and leads management
  • Tech: Marketing automation aligned with the customer journey for revenue generation
  • Strategy: Channel strategies and implementation plans being rolled-out in 2020 for online industry education program, Government Relations and Industry Engagement

Overarching results from engagement of Strategic Specialists Group include achievement of double digit revenue growth in year one and objectives for margin and NPS. Development and delivery of a Roadmap has aligned finance, sales, marketing, people, culture, resources, operations, systems, processes and procedures with strategy. The business is in the strongest organisational and competitive position and robust financial health in 30-years.



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