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SFI is a leader in the supply and hire of innovative, world class piping and welding equipment including pipe cutters, tube cutters, tube facers, bevellers and, orbital welders



SFI is a fast-growing business in the equipment and consumables category.

The Opportunity

The opportunity

The owner sought to pressure test the financial robustness and business structure to support the growth trajectory.

Our solution

Our solution

Deployment of a Chief Financial Officer specialist to assess the strategic plan, performance metrics and risk management. The CFO specialist would provide a framework to allow growth to continue sustainably, and with approval of the Board and business owners.

The Process

The process

The CFO specialist led a financial Discovery Roadmap to assess the business and confirm financial accuracy, timeliness, and reporting. A large part of the process was to identify areas of weakness in the financial data, systems, processes, and procedures and to design recommendations for rectification.

A risk review was also undertaken to ensure Shareholders were aware of the risks fast-growth creates for a business, and to ensure appropriate monitoring for sound governance. The CFO then undertook a budget review and scope, breaking down the roadmap to position and align the business towards their ambitious targets. This included dashboarding and management of KPIs across the key business drivers.

The specialist introduced a structured board pack and developed and delivered a reporting dashboard to provide clear, accurate and timely financial data aligned including financial KPIs aligned to business strategy

The Outcome

The outcome

Initial results included normalisation of accounts for shareholders, delivery of financial processes to provide an accurate financial position at call and a risk review for the Board. For a small-to-medium business owner heavily invested in the business, transparency and accuracy of financial reporting and financial position provided clarity and assurance.

Further, identification of risk exposure through the business’ fast-growth enabled early risk-management, which is crucial to attain sustainable growth. 

In addition, the financial Discovery Roadmap defined a longer-term business goal of successful exit. The Roadmap defined other functional disciplines that would be required to achieve a successful exit for shareholders, which included building a business model, and changing the business from a family-run business into an enterprise.



SFI: Financial Discovery Roadmap growth strategy and plan towards successful exit

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