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Origo is an Australian-owned and operated business providing high-value, high-quality offshore team builder services. Origo assists businesses to reduce workload by enabling outsourcing solutions to team members in the Philippines. Service is provided to businesses in Australia, New Zealand, and America.



Origo had refined and improved their service offering and were looking to grow the business. However, they were struggling to effectively market their services to the right businesses and had no marketing expertise within the Executive team.

In the past, Origo had utilised agencies for brand design and marketing concepts, but none of the work resonated with customers. Consideration was given to bringing marketing in-house. According to Scott McGrath, Director, “The marketing companies in the past produced lots of nice ideas but with no results, we had brands galore but nothing happening.”

The Opportunity

The opportunity

A strategy and plan were needed to achieve short-term objectives and revitalise the business to enable a longer-term strategy for growth.

Our Solution

The solution

Deployment of a Chief Strategy Officer to lead a mini Discovery Roadmap. The mini Roadmap is typically a smaller scale version of the deeper strategic planning process and applicable for businesses with a critical focus on one area of the business and a short-term results timeline. A core problem for many small businesses is separating issues that will make a difference and how to move them forward

The Process

The process

The mini Discovery Roadmap was to focus on one part of a business, rather than all functional disciplines typically covered in the deeper strategic process.

The first step was to conduct a strategic analysis of current strengths, challenges, and opportunities. Criteria was assessed against the question: “How can we build a focused and deliberate marketing function to generate enough leads to achieve a recurring revenue of $X per month before X date”? To solve this, we designed recommendations to implement in the first 90-days for goal achievement. Solutions were supported by longer-term strategies to implement from 90-days and up to 1-year. Ensuring successful delivery, a Marketing Director specialist was engaged for 6-months to implement the plan.

The Outcome

The outcome

Results included a clear plan to deliver results for the next 12 months. Achievements include:

  • Data analytics: process for data gathering and analysis improved business decision-making
  • Sales management: process improvements increased sales revenue generation and performance
  • Customer experience: customer journey mapping improved the customer experience and customer value return to the business
  • Planning: marketing plan alignment across the business and monthly monitoring and reporting aligned with business strategy.



Origo BPO: Marketing strategy for lead generation to drive growth objectives

“The specialist from SSG rolled up his sleeves and worked alongside us, helping us produce data and insights that we actually understood and could interpret. Now, we understand how to utilise the data we collect to gain insights and use it to better benefit the business. For us, it has taken marketing away from being subjective. Now, we are forming a process to produce proper data and reporting across all areas including SEO, LinkedIn etc.”

“When we started with SSG, I liked the fact there were no hidden costs and no up-front payments. All the other agencies wanted us to spend up front but with SSG, nothing happened until we felt comfortable and satisfied with the process we were engaging. I would recommend Strategic Specialists Group to any business wanting to grow.”

Scott McGrath - Owner/Director | Origo BPO

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