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The Caffco Group co-creates coffee blends and signature beverages for cafes, wholesalers, and business customers. The business conceptualises, produces, coordinates, and executes tailored beverage experiences. Products include coffee, cocoa, tea, powdered beverages, and accessories.



Caffco is a growing, small profitable business expanding into new geographic markets domestically and internationally. The business was running well and achieving key revenue and sales results, although without direct involvement of senior leadership.

The business lacked focus and a clear strategy about the core business proposition and had not established business synergies or a performance orientated culture. The ownership structure impeded optimal business performance.

The Opportunity

The opportunity

Strategic Specialists Group were engaged to lead a Discovery Roadmap. A core focus was on people and culture, the organisational structure, operations, and performance management.

The Process

The process

A Chief Strategy Officer led the Discovery Roadmap over 4-weeks. A business review was undertaken with key stakeholders in the business. Research and analysis were conducted on the business structure, leadership, resources, capabilities, operations, sales, marketing, culture, and performance.

The Discovery Roadmap typically looks at the business from the perspective of a single discipline, such as finance, sales or marketing. As the Roadmap encompasses building blocks for all functional disciplines the process identifies key drivers that will remove barriers and deliver sustainable growth.

Caffco received a strategic plan focused on driving clarity for three key stakeholder groups: the business owners, customers, and the external internal team. A single-minded focus would unite and streamline the business. A core problem for many small businesses is separating issues that will make a difference and how to move them forward. Roadmap objectives are to remove unnecessary distractions and provide a robust plan to drive business performance and sustainable growth.

The Outcome

The outcome

Key results for the business included:

  • Organisational redesign, owner involvement restructured, and operational leadership clarified
  • Identification of priorities; alignment of resources, operations, sales, and marketing with strategy
  • A people-focused resource strategy was defined and aligned to the business strategy through clarification and roll-out of position descriptions, reporting structures, KPIs, performance management, remuneration and rewards.

In addition, a Sales Director with expertise in the beverage category was engaged to work with the leadership team to identify new sales channels and the sales process for new customer segments. The Sales Director worked with the team to build external brand awareness and internally to introduce sales process discipline to motivate the team, drive results and instill a high-performance culture.

Overall, the business now operates as an integrated performing team under a single strategic vision to deliver a clear value proposition to business customers and ensure their success with consumers.


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Caffco: Organisational redesign, ownership restructure, leadership defined

“Investing in SSG’s Discovery Roadmap has been quite simply one of the best business investments I have made. We have clarity on the direction, on the issues to be solved and how we can move forward. It is a new day for the business.”

Mark Christofides - Managing Director | Caffco Pty Limited

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