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Peloris Group is an exporter of fresh food products from Australia to major cities in Mainland China.



Peloris offers Australian primary food producers and manufacturers a high-quality export service direct to major retailers in China. They coordinate and navigate all aspects of the supply chain from freight, shipping, and customs clearances through to delivery into retail. Efficient Supply Chains are critical to ensure quality for perishable and refrigerated food products.

Food exporting into China is doubly challenging due to the market being highly regulated and through frequent regulatory changes. Supply chain inconsistencies can create significant damage to distribution, commercial agreements, and product brand reputation.

The Opportunity

The opportunity

Peloris exports high-profile brands of perishable fresh food products direct to retail in China, including Fonterra and A2 dairy products. As a small specialised business opportunity existed to define:

  • Peloris’ unique capabilities to own a specific segment of export and distribution into China.
  • Commercial capabilities whilst maintaining premium positioning in a price-driven freight market.
  • The business value proposition and customer segments for growth.
The Process

The process

Peloris engaged two specialists to lead a Discovery Roadmap. Upon delivery of the plan a specialist with expertise from the FMCG sector was engaged to assist negotiation of distribution agreements for market leading brands and food products.

The Outcome

The outcome

The Roadmap provided Peloris with clarity on the strategic direction for the business. The value proposition was defined. Growth markets were identified, in terms of leveraging capabilities into new product categories for export and distribution through to growth of geographic markets in China based on customer segmentation and demand for fresh-food products. The strategy provided the owners with a single focus to build revenue quickly and reduce inefficiencies through poorly selected export product categories.

Two-months after the World Health Organisation announced a global pandemic with COVID-19, Peloris has capitalised on its capabilities and opportunity to generate increased export sales revenue.

Engagement continues through delivery of tactics to increase market share and the company profile in the export trade sector. Longer-term discussions have commenced on options for business exit strategies and/or capital investments.



Peloris: Substantially increased export sales into China during COVID-19

“We found the Strategic Specialists Group’s Roadmap process excellent to help us determine how we realise the value in our organisation, and then how to build profitable scale. COVID-19 changed our plans. However, SSG were flexible and
ensured we were supported in the most needed areas.”

Peter Verry - Managing Director | Peloris Global Sourcing

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