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The large, privately owned business had recently experienced significant growth, and were looking at the opportunity to scale the business. 

Summary of engagement

Summary of engagement

A Chief Financial Officer led a financial Discovery Roadmap over 4-weeks from February 2019. They then worked in the business on a part-time basis over 5-months to implement the financial plan. Next, a strategic Discovery Roadmap was delivered by a Chief Strategy Office over 4-weeks from June 2019. The client leadership team were actively involved in the planning process, which required collaboration across Finance, Marketing, Sales and People & Culture.

Delivery of the Roadmap led to engagement of two additional specialists, a Chief Marketing Officer and a Chief Sales Officer, to lead implementation of the plan, which required a combination of strategic and functional capabilities and ability to get into the detail of the business. The CFO, CMO and CSO completed service within 15-months of the initial engagement.

Specialist engagement continues with leadership development through a Strategic Human Resource Management specialist and the return of the CMO to mentor recruited talent. In addition, the Chief Strategy Officer led a mini Discovery Roadmap to check alignment of strategy and delivery for achievement of sustainable growth, for a total period of engagement of 18-months

All outcomes

All outcomes

Business results include double digit revenue growth in year one and achievement of objectives for margin and NPS. Detailed results include development and delivery of a new business strategy and implementation of strategic plans for Finance, Marketing, Sales and People & Culture.

Achievements include alignment of finance, marketing, sales, people, culture, resources, operations, systems, processes, and procedures with strategy to ensure sustainable growth. Over an 18-month period, five specialists have been engaged across all aspects of the business to deliver two Discovery Roadmaps, one mini Discovery Roadmap and twenty Building Blocks across Finance, Marketing, Sales and People & Culture for sustainable business growth. As a result, the small-to-medium business is in the strongest organisational and competitive position and robust financial health in 30-years.

The Process

The process

The process to deliver two Discovery Roadmaps, one mini Discovery Roadmap and twenty Building Blocks across Finance, Marketing, Sales and People & Culture to deliver sustainable growth.

The opportunity

Our client required assessment of their finance and operational processes within the business and whether finance practices supported the recent significant business growth.

Our Solution

Our solution

Phase 1: Financial Discovery Roadmap.

Deployment of a CFO for 2-weeks on site to undertake a financial Discovery Roadmap. Engaged to review and analyse accounting processes, financial reporting, internal capabilities, and risk management.

The outcome

The financial Discovery Roadmap identified sound practices as well as corrections required to deliver profit normalisation and a clean set of accounts. Key priorities were defined for improvements to accounting practices and operational processes to increase reliability of financial reporting. The process identified misalignment between revenue forecasts and cost budgets and highlighted an opportunity to improve warehouse operations and stock management to improve the bottom line.


Phase 2: CFO engaged to implement the financial Roadmap.

The CFO was engaged for 5-months to implement recommendations. The objective was to ensure optimal cashflow, risk management, governance practices and financial operations to support the business growth trajectory.

The outcome

Financial processes were developed to drive KPIs, benchmarking and support systems to enable successful execution of strategy. Implementation of a CFO report outlined key business levers. Introduction of a monthly Board pack provided timely, accurate business performance information.  Management accounts were corrected for two financial years and established budgeting benchmarks.


Phase 3: The CFO was engaged for a further 4-months for an expanded remit and a Chief Strategy Officer was engaged to lead a  strategic Discovery Roadmap

A complete business review was undertaken with key stakeholders to define a new strategic plan. The process entailed research and analysis of revenue, margin, sales, marketing, organisational capabilities, resources, systems, operations, supply chain and technology. Data-driven, evidence-based insights were utilised to develop a business strategy, vision and objectives and a tactical plan for goal achievement to ensure a sustainable business and sustainable growth for the business.

The outcome

The Discovery Roadmap defined a simple three step approach and implementation plan to double business revenue within four years.


Phase 4: Engagement of a Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Sales Officer to implement the Roadmap 

Two specialists worked within the business to build organisation strength to deliver the results and create the future. Expanding the operation strengthened the organisation and clarification of what the business stood for was achieved by driving marketing and sales excellence. Specialists’ leadership and functional capabilities enabled delivery of results through development and delivery of sales channel and marketing strategies for existing and new customer segments, new products, and new business. In addition, alignment of resources, operations and tactics with the business strategy included embedding a stated vision and leading
and managing performance for achievement of revenue, gross profit margin and NPS objectives and strategic markers to double revenue in four years.

The outcome

Seven months after delivery of the Discovery Roadmap the business is on track to achieve double digit revenue growth and year one objectives for margin and NPS. Success has led to a fifth phase of engagement.


Phase 5: Engagement of a Strategic Human Resources Management specialist, mentoring and mini Discovery Roadmap to check success of delivering sustainable growth

A specialist was engaged to define a strategy and implement plans for leadership development and to align people and culture with strategy. The CMO specialist continues engagement through mentoring recruited talent and the Chief Strategy Officer led a mini Discovery Roadmap to check alignment of strategy for delivery of sustainable growth. The total period of engagement is 18-months.




The small-to-medium business is achieving sustainable growth as is in the strongest organisational and competitive position and robust financial health in 30-years.

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