How Part-Time CFOs Accelerate Revenue Growth For SMBs

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Matt Knight
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You probably already have a vague idea about how a part-time CFO can bring benefit to your company, but such “vague ideas" do not carry much weight in business. Instead, you need to know for sure how CFOs can help you target revenue growth in a real and practical manner, bringing concrete advantages to your organisation in the process.

This is what we are going to be exploring today. Read on to learn more.

Fostering a culture of analysis, and gaining real, practical insight

Your business is already storing, deploying, and leveraging data. However, it can be difficult to achieve the real, practical insight that your organisation really needs from its financial data.

This is where a part-time CFO shines. They can draw upon the resources necessary to achieve effective management level reporting, and then use this to create a winning strategy to accelerate revenue growth.

The effects of this benefit are far-reaching. By adopting this approach, your CFO is helping to foster a culture of analysis within your organisation, and delivering knowledge and expertise that your team can pass on as you onboard new members of staff.

Bringing the power of knowledge and experience as you navigate a difficult landscape

It's easy to get locked into an internal perspective as you try to run your business. While the market evolves, you may find yourself trying the same old tactics and strategies, with ever-diminishing returns.

Bringing in a part-time CFO immediately connects your business with a different perspective. These strategic experts will have experience across a number of disparate fields and will be able to bring this experience to bear on your organisation. This will help you to navigate the often tricky and ephemeral business landscape on the way to increased revenue and boosted growth.

Identifying key opportunities for growth and executing plans to achieve this growth

Securing long term growth means adopting a two-pronged approach. You need to identify the key opportunities that will help your business grow, of course, but you need to back this up with practical knowledge of how you will take advantage of such opportunities.

Perhaps you excel at one but not the other, or it could be that both approaches elude your team. Either way, a part-time CFO can provide you with the capability you need to really seek out those opportunities to grow your revenue and to make the most of them.

Achieving flexibility and effective cost deployment

Growing your business means taking care of both ends of the operation. Yes, you need to target increased revenue in the long term and short term, but this cannot mean spiralling costs. Hiring a part-time CFO gives you the flexibility to gain the advantages you need when you need them, and you only pay for the time you use. Instant control over your expenditure is your reward.

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