What value can a CFO really bring to my business?

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Matt Knight
Author Matt Knight
As a business owner, you know that every dollar counts. But can investing in a CFO really provide value to your company? And if so, what difference can a CFO make – both in the short- and long-term?
In this article, we’ll take a look at four critical points of value that an experienced CFO can deliver. Let’s get started right away.

1. CFO's drive growth

You are occupied generating revenue, and typically, this involves carrying out day-to-day tasks such as managing employees and delivering your product or service to your clients. The problem is, during periods of growth, those close to the business don’t always have the clarity and focus they need to capitalise on new opportunities.
That’s where a CFO comes in. Through analysis, experience and commercial prowess, a CFO can identify opportunities and enable sustainable growth-driving activities.

With this kind of growth support, business owners, managers, and CEOs can spend more time focusing on the big picture, confident that the nuts and bolts of their finances are in safe and capable hands.

2. CFO's deliver cashflow forecasts

When making decisions about your business’s direction, what are the top influencing factors? Chances are, one of your primary concerns is cashflow.

Knowing how much money is coming in, and when, are crucial aspects of directing a business. With accurate cashflow forecasts, key stakeholders can make educated, strategic decisions that benefit – rather than hinder – your company.
If your business is struggling financially, a CFO can help devise a sustainable cashflow solution.

3. CFO's create more efficient systems

When your business expands, your systems may need some adjustments. Enlisting the help of a CFO is a fantastic way to ensure your updated system is effective, efficient, and agile enough to evolve alongside your organisation.
CFOs can implement systems that can accommodate larger numbers, relevant and timely reporting, and more sophisticated financial software and management systems. With a CFO, you can unlock the potential of your business without missing any regulatory obligations and growth opportunities.

4. CFO's can manage risk

Managing risk in the workplace is much more complex than investing in an insurance policy (although this is an area that an expert CFO can assist with). Managing risk also involves safeguarding your company against the following:

  • Regulatory missteps
  • Fiscal and Human capital risks
  • Working capital and growth risks

An experienced CFO will analyse your business and growth plan. From there, they will identify any current or future risks, and help you decide where to allocate valuable resources.

CFO's can also help with investment decisions by devising evaluation models to help minimise risk and maximise ROI.
CFO's make a real difference

If you’re an ambitious business looking for strategic financial and growth support, investing in a CFO can repay dividends. Our qualified CFO's design and deliver industry-leading financial systems that help bolster your company to new heights.
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