What's Your Problem?

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When SMB people hit a roadblock, they usually think they know why. I’ve got a branding problem. I’ve got digital issues. I need somebody to focus on sales. Almost invariably, their problem is not what they think it is.
Because of this, at Strategic Specialists we have almost reached the point where we will refuse to place our specialists into a client’s team, until we have run our Discovery Roadmap process.
We often get pushback on this. "No, no, I don’t want that, they say. I just want someone to come and run the team"
But wait. How can you expect anyone to solve your problem, when you don’t know what it is?
"But I do know what it is"
Are you sure? Because if you did, you surely would have solved it by now.
So we run the Discovery Roadmap process – and one key tool in particular, the Pressure Test, ends up revealing the real source of the challenges – and the opportunities.
Unmasking the real problem can come as a genuine surprise to the client.
Not just a surprise either – a relief. The Discovery Roadmap is a relatively short and simple process, but there is a real sense of liberation in having a roadmap or playbook that drives you right past the obstacle that has been in your way all along.
Talk to us about the issue you think you have. Let’s see if your own Discovery Roadmap can surprise you and change your mind about the problem that has been holding you back.
Michael Butler,
Managing Director of Strategic Specialists Group
This article is part of Friday Sign Off - a weekly series that features the thoughts and opinions from our top tier specialists. 

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