5 benefits of engaging top tier part-time Sales & Marketing Directors

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When you’re managing a small or medium-sized business (SMB), hiring a full-time sales and marketing director may not seem feasible. If you start looking at those who are tier 1 candidates, it may not even be financially plausible. Despite this, you likely know that missing out on a sales and marketing director means you’ll struggle to scale your business. That’s why we’re here to show you how hiring one on a part-time basis will work to your advantage.

1. You can find someone who specialises in your niche     

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a tier 1 sales and marketing director is that they’re usually experts in their niche. In contrast, using an agency means you attract talented generalists. Finding someone who specialises in your niche allows you to fine-tune your approach to sales and marketing. You’re likely to see the results you want faster, which is particularly advantageous if you’re trying to monopolise more of your local market. Having an independent party who can provide objective opinions is an excellent way to identify what your competition is doing and then beat them at their game.

2. You get high-end expertise for a fraction of the price

A factor that often deters SMBs from hiring a sales and marketing director is the price. Those who operate in the tier 1 category often command wages as high as $180,000 per year. If your budget doesn’t allow for that, you risk missing out and letting your competition get an edge over you. Hiring someone part-time means you get high-end expertise, for a fraction of the price. This allows you to stay within budget while enjoying the benefits of working as a larger business would.

3. You’ll establish industry authority, fast

Tier 1 sales and marketing directors know what it takes to help their businesses establish industry authority, fast. The right person will dig deep into your business to establish a three-step plan that tackles your problems. This three-step process will also identify opportunities and create a clear roadmap for working on them. By the time the sales and marketing director has finished with your business, you’ll have stronger industry authority that enhances your clients’ loyalty.

4. Using a part-time sales and marketing director helps you grow during big seasons

If your business faces the opportunity to thrive during certain seasons, not having a sales and marketing director on hand could mean you miss out. Many SMBs grow frustrated when they see other businesses booming during key seasons, but they still struggle to grab their fair share of the market. Your tier 1 sales and marketing director will assess your previous approaches and current blocks to growth. From there, they’ll create a plan that allows you to secure more sales and win over extra customers.

5. Brand development becomes easier

Whether your business is new or not, brand development is essential when you want to survive. In addition to establishing a brand, you need to work on growing yours and generating loyalty. Your sales and marketing director will look at the roadblocks that are preventing your brand from growing. They’ll then zero in on strong solutions for generating more trust amongst your audience. Their approach can include everything from developing a better social media strategy to complete rebrands during times of change.

At Strategic Specialists Group, we provide tier 1 sales and marketing directors to our clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. We’ll identify the blocks that are preventing your business from growing and help you develop a strategy for moving beyond your current challenges.

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