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Legacy systems too numerous to mention are amongst our everyday experiences. From large corporations to small-to-medium businesses, the speed at which technology is developing leaves many businesses wondering how they will ever keep up. 

Our business IT Specialist will decrypt the complexity of technology appropriate for your business. Experts in their field, they will put together a workable plan to optimise connectivity and bring efficiencies to your business. Deployment of technology and integration of systems across functional areas of a business will deliver increased profitability and position your business for sustainable growth and lay the foundations for successful exit.


Is your business growth sustainable?

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Can you identify with these technology pain points?

No Clear Strategy

No clear technology strategy

No understanding of technology and the purpose it serves for the business. Lack of clarity about data and how it is used to drive achievement of business objectives. No understanding of how a sound information technology strategy can elevate business attractiveness for exit.

lack internal systems-1

Lack of Internal Systems

Internal systems do not support key processes. Systems are complicated and staff do not seem to know the best way to complete tasks without making unfortunate human errors.

Exposure to risk-1

Big Exposure to Risk

Unknown risk. Unwanted risk. Unidentified risk. An unstructured approach to risk identification with company data, customer data or finance data does not protect your business asset over the long-term. Increased risk through potential breach of data regulatory compliance.

Customer pipeline-1

Customer Pipeline

Unclear marketing, and sales systems. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not used or is misaligned with the customer journey. Ineffective data management systems impact effective conversion of leads from brand awareness through to post-sales customer loyalty. 

poorly define metrics

Poorly Defined Performance Metrics

Without data management and data integrity staff focus on the wrong levers to drive marketing, sales, and business objectives. Multiple incompatible systems to achieve independent objectives are misaligned with the over-arching business strategy.

lack internal systems

Untidy Operations

Old ways of doing things. Bad habits. Unintentional sloppiness has built over time. Ways of doing things creating inefficiencies, frustrations and annoying ineffective routines and outcomes. Customer data is not secured. Privacy not guaranteed.

stock control issues

Stock Control Issues

Damaged, lost, stolen, wasted stock impacting the bottom-line. Unreliable supply-chain. Stock controlling business instead of business controlling stock.

stagnant growth

Stagnant Growth

Revenue growth has stalled. Is it conversion, new business, or something else? Where does technology fit in the marketing, and sales process? Staff have no idea of the value in the customer pipeline, or how to develop it?

brand protection-1

Brand Protection

Lack of policies and systems to protect intellectual property from Trademarks and patents to compliance and certifications. No internal knowledge to protect the business from cyber-attacks. 

Unaccomplished Leader

Technology Leader not 'Accomplished'

Senior resources require functional skill development or leadership development. Often IT specialists are promoted from within the business where they are pushed up from within the team and expected to perform as leaders without input, leadership, or functional skill development.

No support for P&C

No support for People & Culture

No systems for recording and monitoring KPIs. Inconsistent data for performance management. Lack of training and development in new technology, systems, software, and IT hardware.


Help! We are in Crisis!

Small problems escalate fast. Normal issues become insurmountable. Big issues explode into a fully fledges crisis.

Are any of these technology pain points
impacting your business?

If you can identify with one or more of these technology pain points, our IT consulting services can help you overcome barriers between you and your business growth. We will work with you to get a consistent, resilient, and sustainable business focused on your business needs and whether you are looking to:
   - Boost profitability and develop sustainable growth
   - Integrate systems across Finance, Sales, Marketing and, Operations
   - Assess infrastructure, risk management, systems efficiencies, and effectiveness
   - Ensure regulatory compliance, auditing, cyber-security, and data-integrity management
   - Future-proof the business for development of your business exit strategy
No matter what you need, we will work with you to get the business you want right now and to lay the foundations for what you want for your future.

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