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Tony Russo

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Tony is a commercially savvy finance and business executive with 25-years’ experience as a CFO, General Manager and Non-Executive Director for companies across Australia, including Adelaide and regional South Australia.

Experience has been gained through a diversified range of organisations to achieve business goals and success, with a holistic, continuous improvement approach to supporting growth initiatives, transformations, building wealth, systems improvements and driving profitability, efficiency, and cash flow. An early start in Civil Engineering, before transferring to Commerce, has provided Tony with a mechanical mindset to problem solving. The value he provides to businesses is to help them understand the key lead and lag drivers in the business, and how to design and implement KPIs and reporting systems that link operational performance to financial outcomes. Tony has considerable success in building business relationships, and is highly respected as a trusted advisor, and business mentor.

Tony is CPA qualified and member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAIDC).


Tony's experience with SMBs

Tony is an accomplished CFO specialist helping small to medium businesses achieve their strategic objectives. Working with clients to ensure they meet their financial and business goals and exceed financial forecasts. Furthermore, Tony works with SMBs to overcome obstacles in the business preventing growth. He understands the challenges faced by small, medium and large businesses in the current economic climate and will work to build resilience and sustainable business with growth in the top line through financial building blocks Strategic Specialists Group utilises to focus on individual business needs.

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The Top 12 Finance Pain Points SMBs Face (2020)

Key Skills

  • Consulting
  • Strategy and Business Planning
  • Governance, and Risk Management
  • Financial and Management Reporting
  • Costing, Margin analysis: Product, Customer, Market
  • Business Profitability, KPIs and Efficiencies
  • Strategic and Business Analysis and Change Management
  • Cash Flow, Funding and Banking Relationship Management
  • Asset Management, Working Capital, Supply Chain Analysis and Utilisation

Industry Experience

  • Management Consulting
  • Construction
  • FMCG
  • Automotive
  • Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Plastics

Case Studies


Building Industry Supplier

High double-digit growth, year-1, sustainable
growth strategy.

Exporting & Distribution

Peloris Global Sourcing

Substantially increased export sales into China during COVID-19    

Consumer Goods

Cosmetics Company

Doubled sales revenue in 1-year and implemented growth plan   

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