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Peter has 20 years’ experience in media, retail, and consulting industry sectors as well as experience gained in the advertising sector. Over the past 14-years, Peter has built his own business from start-up to multi-million-dollar turnover with 29 staff and operating in Queensland and New South Wales. Peter consults as a Business Advisor and Sales Director to SMBs working with business owners to scale, develop structural frameworks, manage investors and stakeholder management, and implement marketing and sales strategies to improve ROI and grow businesses.



Peter's experience with SMBs

Peter has spent the past 14 years building his own successful and highly profitable SMB, that competes on a state-wide basis in Queensland and New South wales. He has experienced the highs and lows small business owners are faced with to design a strategic framework, process, structure, and people to grow a small business. In addition, through consulting to Strategic Specialists Group’s SMB clients to provide that same invaluable experience to other businesses to assist their growth. The greatest issue facing SMBs, in Peter’s experience, is the challenge of building scale. To build scale, we need to change the mind set from “I’m a small family business” to “We’re an enterprise”, where the owner of the business is to lead and manage a team of people and help them run a better business. It sounds easy in a few sentences, but for many business owners it can be difficult. Peter uses his experience to support clients in their business to grow the business.

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The Top 12 Finance Pain Points SMBs Face (2020)

Key Skills

  • Consulting
  • Strategy
  • Strategic Marketing, Digital and Social
  • Functional Marketing, Digital and Social
  • Google AdWords Certified
  • Copywriting
  • Entrepreneurship

Industry Experience

  • Management Consulting
  • Media
  • Retail
  • Start-ups

Case Studies


Building Industry Supplier

High double-digit growth, year-1, sustainable
growth strategy.

Exporting & Distribution

Peloris Global Sourcing

Substantially increased export sales into China during COVID-19    

Consumer Goods

Cosmetics Company

Doubled sales revenue in 1-year and implemented growth plan   

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