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Lorraine is a passionate career marketer who excels in delivering high quality brand, marketing, and digital strategies. Experience gained over 20 years across some of the world’s most reputable brands, covers all facets of the marketing spectrum from research, insights and measurement to brand strategy and digital transformation. These capabilities give her a 360-degree understanding of the customer journey and the various pathways to drive awareness, consideration, and sales.

One of Lorraine’s greatest strengths is her ability to expertly combine the discipline of the large corporations with the fast-paced agility from the retail sector to deliver solutions that are both effective and sustainable. Her experience and desire to drive positive change has consistently delivered successful outcomes for a diverse range of brands, companies and SMBs.


Lorraine's experience with SMBs

Lorraine is a small business owner and provides consulting services to SMBs. Through her own business and through consulting to Strategic Specialists Group’s client in the small-to-medium business sector, Lorraine has experienced the contribution of the marketing function to drive business growth. Regardless of industry sector, Lorraine understands the focus of SMBs on immediate deliverables and the struggle for time to do deeper strategic work, which sets the direction for the brand and future marketing efforts. After working with a diverse range of businesses, Lorraine is inspired to apply her experience from working with well recognised brands to the problems experienced by SMBs to demonstrate the power of marketing through a clear strategy and excellent implementation.

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The Top 12 Finance Pain Points SMBs Face (2020)

Key Skills

  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing and Campaign Management
  • Digital, Social, Mobile Marketing
  • Media Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • CRM and MarTech Management

Industry Experience

  • Consulting
  • Automotive
  • Construction and Property Services
  • Energy
  • Professional Services
  • Retail

Case Studies


Building Industry Supplier

High double-digit growth, year-1, sustainable
growth strategy.

Exporting & Distribution

Peloris Global Sourcing

Substantially increased export sales into China during COVID-19    

Consumer Goods

Cosmetics Company

Doubled sales revenue in 1-year and implemented growth plan   

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