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Technology is a major driver of growth in business. Yet harnessing the potential of technology gets harder every year: which apps improve productivity, what cloud options are right for you and what IT resources do you need to support your growth ambitions?

Our Cheeftek experts have big-ticket experience and draw upon their successes with mid-market and entrepreneurial organisations where technology pain points are brought sharply into focus.  Our CIOs and CTOs will oversee a systematic review and programme of change that delivers measurable outcomes such as improved operational performance and market share. We work alongside your teams, handling in-house resourcing or external service providers.

Is your business growth sustainable?

Our Cheefteks work on your premises, connecting you with the talent of a $250k+ CIO at a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource.

Can you identify with these technology pain points?

No Clear Strategy

Investing in technology for business growth

Your business is profitable, growing, and ready to move to the next stage, but you don't know where to invest to achieve this evolution. You recognise successful technology integration can add significant value to the business but don't know where to go from here. A top-flight CIO or CTO is unaffordable, and so you continue without a solution.

BleedCustomer pipeline

Integrating technology with business objectives

There is no understanding of technology and the purpose it serves for your business. You are suffering from a lack of clarity about data and about how it is used to drive your business objectives. With no understanding of how a sound information technology strategy can enhance business attractiveness in an exit plan, you face an uncertain future.

Customer pipeline

Pursuing the wrong performance metrics

Without data management and data integrity, staff choose the wrong methods to drive marketing, sales, and business objectives. You deploy multiple incompatible systems to achieve independent objectives, but these do not align with your the overarching business strategy.

BleedNo Clear Strategy

Technology non-existent

Your sales, finance, marketing and operations teams are all in place, but they are light on technology know-how. Your teams don’t see the bigger picture and the wider benefits to your business. Even if they know that the benefits are there, nobody is willing or able to take on the responsibility.

poorly define metrics

Executing a technology strategy

Your IT specialists are promoted from within the business and expected to perform as leaders without input, mentorship, or necessary skill development. This leads to senior management teams without functional skills or adequate leadership capabilities.

No support for P&C

Untrained Staff

Systems for recording and monitoring KPIs are lacking in your business, while inconsistent data is hindering performance management. Training and development in new technology, systems, software, and IT hardware are not up to scratch, and so your staff lack the proper skills.

lack internal systems-1

Unable to scale legacy systems

You are still following the old ways of doing things, returning to bad habits and unintentional inefficiency that builds over time. These inefficient practices lead to inefficient results, which means your customer data is not secured, and privacy is not guaranteed. If your technology and know-how are not up-to-date, there is no way to scale for the future.

Bleedstagnant growth

Poor data privacy and governance

A lack of protection policies and systems is leaving intellectual property vulnerable, and everything from trademarks and patents to compliance and certifications are going unprotected. You lack the internal knowledge to protect your business from cyber-attacks.

Bleeduntidy operations

SaaS systems don’t integrate

It takes hours or even days to get a report out of your current systems. Systems don’t easily communicate with one another, so you keep expensive developers on hand to ensure that changes can be made. This is not sustainable in terms of business expediency or cost and prevents you from ever really forging ahead.

BleedUnaccomplished Leader

Improving customer experience

Your marketing and sales systems are unclear and difficult to use. Your customer relationship management (CRM) is either misaligned with the customer journey or ignored altogether. Ineffective data management systems impact the effective conversion of your leads, right from brand awareness through to post-sales customer loyalty.

BleedExposure to risk

Security vulnerabilities

What risks does your business face? When your risks are unknown and unidentifiable, this leads to problems. You struggle with an unstructured approach to risk identification, with company data, customer data, or financial data that does not protect your business assets over the long term. Your business risks are increased through a potential breach of data regulations.


Crisis is imminent

Small flaws escalate fast within your business. This leads to insurmountable issues, serious problems, and eventually, full-fledged crises.

Are any of these technology pain points
impacting your business?

If you can identify with one or more of these technology pain points, our CIOs and CTOs can help you overcome barriers between you and your business growth. We will work with you to get a consistent, resilient, and sustainable business. We can accelerate your efforts to: 
   - Boost profitability and develop sustainable growth
   - Integrate systems across Finance, Sales, Marketing and, Operations
   - Assess infrastructure, risk management, systems efficiencies, and effectiveness
   - Ensure regulatory compliance, auditing, cyber-security, and data-integrity management
   - Future-proof the business for development of your business exit strategy
No matter what you need, we will work with you to get the business you want right now and to lay the foundations for what you want for your future.

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